SRPR Consulting Firm

CEO, Shari A. Roberts

Founded by Shari A. Roberts, SRPR Consulting Firm specializes in maximizing your publicity. Your voice will be heard, whether it is by booking you or your company for TV shows, radio stations, or podcasts. SRPR will also distribute your story nationally to the world’s top news organizations for effective visibility and engagement. All news are directed to top reporters, newspapers, journalists, bloggers, analysts, influencers, social and civic community leaders, internet portals and sites, and online services and databases – including a comprehensive listing of 1,150+ Black-owned publications, affiliates, and media outlets. SRPR is strong on maximizing the reach and impact of your press releases to your target audience/distribution of choice in order to guarantee that your story is heard. We have the resources to reach over 20,000+ media outlets across the nation.

Tip: The stronger your story, the better the media hits.

Email: ShariRoberts@srprfirm.com